Angel Biography

My name is Angel, also known as hardbodyangel to my amazing followers. I am 20 years old, and was born and raised in Oregon. Being raised in Oregon I grew up on Hunting, Fishing, painting and playing Sports. Like many people I have had many struggles in life from losing my childhood home in a fire, to one of my closest friends committing suicide. Sports and fitness became an outlet from the personal struggles and hardships I have had to overcome and truly find the person I wanted to be. When you look at life you have to determine if you’re going to let your struggles control you or if you are going to control them and change the pattern. I decided I wanted to love against all, and love all that I could to help others diminish the pain life inevitably gives. From a young age I knew I wanted to do something big to inspire people and change this world. I am a small country girl at 5’2 115lbs, and this small girl is going to make a big difference. I have chosen to take my struggles and use them as my strength.

Today, I am living my dream of inspiring others as my career. I hope to show everyone around the world that you are not defined by the tragedies and struggles you go through but the person you build from it. I have teamed up with WorkoutBuddies, an international social media fitness app in efforts to give everyone a tool to never workout alone again. So many people lack motivation to reach their full potential and workoutbuddies is the revolutionary app to bring people together and give each and every one the confidence to conquer their goals.

I hope that I can inspire others to love themselves for all that they are and see everything they have to offer for this world just by being human, if I can do it, so can you.

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